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Through wireframing we bring your thoughts and imagination in real life which can be used as a pre product design for your end user’s feedback and reaction. Then it can be used by development companies for actual implementation of your idea.

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Project Management

At Elicitate On we set up a dedicated business analyst consultant whose job is to understand your business requirements by identifying your challenges and thought process.

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Technical Writing

We help companies create new, powerful documentation plus strengthen and organize existing materials to help achieve corporate goals. We get to know your products, processes, and software, so we can achieve your long-term goals, and you don’t have to worry about your technical content

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Marketing and Branding

ElicitateOn offers communications capabilities that few advertising agencies can match. Our technical knowledge, journalistic ability, and industry experience enable us to promote the benefits of your product or service in your industry’s unique style.

Do you have problem gathering, documenting and communicating requirements to your project team? Do you experience problem associated with missed requirement, unambiguous and unclear requirement, delivering projects that do not address the business needs?

About Us

“One stop solution for all business requirements”- Our Mission Statement

EliciateOn Consultancy was born with the sole intent of enabling companies to unleash their true potential. The founders observed that thousands of companies across India are spending hundreds of man-hours each year in development of products but still their projects result into missed deadlines, blown budgets, or failed projects. These failures almost certainly originated at the requirements stage. 77% of project failures have inaccurate requirements gathering as their primary cause. Most other failures have no requirements elicitation at all as secondary factors. The founders predicted that requirements analysis and documentation is critical to the success of systems or software project. Project management and consultancy is crucial when starting a project if you want to achieve a desirable result at the finish line. They should include all the features and function a product should have. So this led founders to start consultancy which provide product and business management services along with technical writing services to create documentation that outlines the scope of work clearly and accurately to eliminate misunderstandings. Henceforth; ElicitateOn was Born!

We analyze to capitalize!